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This is the mailing list to keep you apprised of new developments in Matthew D. Ryan's work. I am planning on sending out two newsletters a year: One in December and one in June. Each one will give a brief overview of what has been accomplished in the past six months, what is planned ahead (including new releases, book signings, and other events) and a miscellaneous short article or two. I hope you enjoy!

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Greetings, all! This is something of a writer’s issue as both articles deal with certain issues pertaining to the craft of writing. Just my thoughts, of course. Not to be taken as gospel. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone. On to business. Special Announcements: What’s Been Done in the Past Six Months: • We completed the third draft of The Citadel, a novel 400+ pages long. It is Book III in the series “From the Ashes of Ruin.” • My fearless editor-in-chief, Mary Michalak (a.k.a. “My Big Sister.”) has read over an...